What's New at the Farmers Market

What’s New at the Farmers Market

Bill-the-Bulb Baron is back at Aptos Farmers Market selling his world famous bulbs.

Strawberries in November? Yes, indeed! P & K Farms have returned to Aptos Farmers Market with their extraordinary, sweet, organic strawberries. Shop early — these tasty berries sell out quickly!  

New Products at the Markets
Schoch Family Farmstead now has fresh yogurt for sale in quart size containers. There will be intermittent availability over the next several weeks, but production will be in full swing starting January.

Companion Bakeshop now has gluten-free pies for sale along with slices of whole wheat crust pies.

Pensi Pasta Factory has pomegranate salsa for sale along with their pumpkin spiced dip — great with apples.

Malabar Trading Company is introducing four new products for the holiday season — Cabernet Sauvignon Gelée with Herbes de Provence, White Zinfandel Gelée with Rosemary, and Classic Port Gelée with Toasted Walnuts. Also available is their well-known Malabar Indian Chutney — a delightful sweet tangy condiment perfect for holiday meals. Stop by their booth for a taste!

For all of the ferment fans, Farmhouse Culture has introduced three new zippy condiments to their product line up: Kimchi Paste, Barrel Fermented Pepper Mash, and Horseradish Purée.

Sweet Elena’s Bakery offers a huge selection of holiday pies baked from scratch using organic, locally grown fruit. Place your holiday orders early!

New Services at the Market
You can now use your credit card at the EBT booth at the Aptos and MPC Farmers Markets to purchase Farmers Market Big Bucks in $20 increments. Big Bucks can be redeemed at any vendor’s booth at the farmers markets. Big Bucks also make great holiday gifts for friends and family.