Eat Like A Greek at the Aptos Farmers Market

Eat Like A Greek at the Aptos Farmers Market on May 6

The Mediterranean diet is considered to be one of the healthiest diets overall by the medical community. The hallmark of Greek cooking is simple preparation using wholesome, seasonal fresh produce to make delicious, flavorful food. We are celebrating Eat Like A Greek in May with lots of Mediterranean recipes featuring many of the vegetables and fruits coming to market this month.

On Saturday, May 6 visitors from Prophet Elias Greek Orthodox Church will be at the Aptos Farmers Market to give customers a preview of their annual Eat Like A Greek Food Faire during market hours. They will be sampling and selling many of their delicious Mediterranean specialties.

What Do California and Greece Have in Common?
California and Greece enjoy a very similar climate and grow many of the same fruits, nuts, and vegetables. Olive groves planted with Mediterranean varieties of olives are becoming a more common part of our California landscape. Herbs like rosemary, oregano, lavender and basil flourish here as well as in Greece. Fresh produce abounds in the village markets of Greece, not unlike our own farmers market. Many plants common to both California and Greece attract beneficial insects, bees, butterflies and hummingbirds, such as buddleja, lupine, penstemmon, yarrow, rosemary, lavender, citrus and the natives madrone, manzanita and ceanothus. Due to a healthy bee population, honey is the most common sweetener used in Greece.

11th Annual Eat Like A Greek Food Faire in Santa Cruz
Don’t miss the 11th annual Eat Like A Greek Food Faire, May 19, 20 and 21, which joyfully celebrates Greek food, life, and community. The lively three-day food event is located at 223 Church Street in the heart of downtown Santa Cruz. Enjoy live Greek music, delicious food, dancing, and spirits all weekend long. For more information, visit For a discount coupon, download a discount coupon here!

FEATURED MAY RECIPES: Horiati Patates (Greek Village Potatoes), Moussaka, Fakes (Greek Lentil Soup), Skordalia (Greek Potato Garlic Dip), Marinated Greek Olives, Greek Marinade, Potato and Feta Cheese Souffle, Feta Cheese Spread, How to Make Greek Coffee, Taramosalata, Alevropita (Feta Tart), Tzatziki, Papoutsakia (Stuffed Zucchini), Arakas me Patates (Fresh Green Peas with Potatoes), Greek Walnut Cake (Karidopita)

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