Beets were first cultivated around the Mediterranean and Atlantic coasts of Europe, and eventually spread to all parts of the world, but were descended from... Read More


It’s easy to forget that artichokes are largely a California phenomenon. Any dinner guest from outside the state will remind you of this: just notice... Read More


This delicious leafy plant enhances any salad with its peppery flavor. Arugula, as it’s known here in the U.S., is also called rocket in Britain... Read More


The most anticipated harbinger of warm weather is the season’s first asparagus. When soil temperatures reach 50 degrees, the slender shoots emerge from the ground,... Read More

Bok choy

Part of the cabbage family, bok choy has a mild flavor and a tender texture. Originally cultivated in China during the Ming Dynasty for its... Read More


Translated from Italian as “little arms or little shoots,” broccoli is eaten by many different cultures in many different ways. This hearty vegetable is in... Read More

Broccoli rabe

Broccoli rabe, or, rapini is a common ingredient in a very diverse range of cuisines. It most popularly used in Italian, Chinese, and Portuguese cooking.... Read More

Brussels sprouts

A member of the Brassica family, Brussels sprouts look like tiny cabbages—which makes sense, as they are believed to have been cultivated from the cabbage... Read More


This root vegetable is most popular in Asia, where it originated, and is eaten like a potato in some cultures. It is also used as... Read More
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