Market Products

Dairy and Eggs

You’ll find many varieties of eggs at our markets, including goose, duck, chicken, and tiny quail eggs. Raw milk, cream, and yogurt made from pastured, grass fed cows...

Salmon, King

The King Salmon, (also known as Chinook) is arguably the most popular fish in the Monterey Bay and for good reason. The meat is thick... Read More

Seabass, White

Hans Haveman of H & H Fresh Fish Company in Santa Cruz describes the White Sea Bass (“WSB” as some fishermen refer to it) as... Read More


Beets were first cultivated around the Mediterranean and Atlantic coasts of Europe, and eventually spread to all parts of the world, but were descended from... Read More


Ahi is the Hawaiian name for yellowfin tuna. This delicacy has a firm, meaty texture with a color that ranges from pink in younger fish... Read More


Anchovies might well be called the Rodney Dangerfield of fish: they get no respect. This fish has been used in more jokes than a rubber... Read More


The first time I saw someone wearing a T-shirt that said, “Keep Clam and Carry On” I thought it was either a dyslexic printer or... Read More
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