What’s New at the Farmers Market — April

What’s New at the Farmers Market — April

It’s so nice to have Corralitos Meat and Sausage Company back at the markets — they now have their marinated hanger steak ready for BBQ season! If you haven’t tried their marinated meats, dust off the grill from winter storage this weekend and plan to grill some delicious meat. And don’t forget to pick up some thick sliced, apple wood smoked bacon for Easter brunch.

Upstarts Organic Seedlings is back just in time for spring gardening with a wide variety of vegetable starts. Here are a few tips for getting your garden ready to plant.

KT Farm also returns this month with their exceptional selection of Asian vegetables and herbs.

Sweet Elena’s Bakery
Sweet Elena’s Bakery and Cafe has some sweet treats ready just in time for Easter — traditional hot cross buns and charming, hand-decorated cookies. And, be sure to try her new breads: Organic White Sourdough, Rosemary Sourdough and Ciabatta, available every Friday and Saturday at the MPC Farmers Market and Aptos Farmers Market.

T & L Coke Farm
Have you discovered the new organic grain products available at T & L Coke Farm? It’s true — we now have locally grown and milled wheat and corn! The cornmeal is made from Red Flint corn, an Italian heritage variety of corn, and is available as a coarse grind (for polenta) and a fine grind for baked goods. Additionally, they offer a soft winter wheat flour from India called Jammu. This is a low protein flower that is excellent for cookies, crepes, naan and other flatbreads. You can also replace part of the flour in most recipes with Jammu to give your breads an exquisite flavor.

Pensi Pasta Company
Pensi Pasta Company has introduced a number of new, gluten free “Paleo diet friendly” products to their line over the past few months. Last week, Evette introduced her new Carrot Cashew Pesto that works either as a dip (with her gluten free seed crackers, of course!), or as a topping for  pizza or stirred into pasta. Evette’s favorite way to use it — spread it on a turkey burger!

Malabar Trading Company
The chai guys at Malabar Trading Company have added a new beverage to their line up of hot chai — they now have a Jamoka, a cold almond milk beverage made with cold brewed coffee and Cacao Barry chocolate. New items to go with their scones include Meyer lemon jelly with vanilla and a scrumptious new strawberry spread with balsamic vinegar and pepper, made with organic strawberries from P & K. Stop by their booth for a sample!

Amen Bee Products
Lynne’s bees have been busy — Royal Jelly is now available from Amen Bee. Royal jelly is the milky substance that bees feel selected larvae to promote their growth into queen bees. This substance has also been linked to lowering cholesterol in humans and protecting the skin from aging and damaging effects of ultra violet radiation from the sun.

Need More Cash at the Farmers Markets?
You can now use your credit card at the EBT/ Information booth at the Aptos and MPC Farmers Markets to purchase Farmers Market Big Bucks in $20 increments. Big Bucks can be redeemed at any vendor’s booth at the farmers markets. Big Bucks also make great gifts for friends and family.