Rancho Padre Farm


Aptos and MPC


All-natural organic juices that are raw and non-pasteurized and available in pints, quarts, half gallons and gallons. Both year-round and seasonal varieties include pomegranate, orange, apple, grapefruit, tangelo, tangerine, cherry, plum, grape, watermelon and Summer Medleys, which include a combination of pears and other fruit. Pomegranate juice is the farm’s top seller.


Rancho Padre Farm
Robert Todd
1789 E. Firebaugh Avenue
Exeter, CA 93221
Email: ranchopadre@verizon.net

History and Philosophy

Established first in 1955 by Richard Beshwate, the citrus farm was known as Rancho Madre. Richard’s grandson, Robert Todd, renamed the farm Rancho Padre upon taking over operations in 1997. Citrus is grown on half of the farm’s 80 acres while the other fruit accounts for the remaining 40 acres. The farm was first certified organic in 2002. Jeff Todd, Robert’s brother, joined the business full-time in 2011.

The farm only sells its fruit and juices at farmers markets, which, prior to joining the Monterey Bay Certified Farmers Markets in 2012, were located only in Southern California. Rancho Padre began selling juice at those markets in 2007.

Related Features

“The response from the customers in Aptos has been really positive,” said Jeff Todd. “People have told me that like having fresh non-pasteurized juice that doesn’t have any additives or added sugar. Being organic has also been a plus. It’s been nice to see the same people coming back week after week. It’s allowed us to build a clientele.”