Munak Ranch


Aptos, Monterey, Del Monte


Cantaloupes, watermelons; heirloom and specialty tomatoes, dried tomatoes; pumpkins


Munak Ranch
Edwin and Pearl Munak
3770 N. River Road
Paso Robles, CA 93446

History and Philosophy

First generation organic farmers, Edwin and Pearl have been growing a wide selection of melons and tomatoes in Paso Robles for over 29 years. Melon varieties include ambrosia, rocky sweet, French melon, golden ball, supreme, honeylupe and Crenshaw. Tomato varieties include green zebra, persimmon, pineapple, Cherokee purple, celebrity, lemon boy and Cal Trans orange tomatoes. Edwin claims, ”Our unique climate in the Upper Salinas Valley makes our heirloom tomatoes and melons sweeter than that raised anywhere else. Plenty of sun and cool nights. Fruit sugars form between 60 and 80 degreees, night and morning.”

Munak Ranch also offers pumpkins and other winter squash. Pumpkins are Jack-o-Lantern and French cooking pumpkins, including Rouge d’Hiver, Rouge Vif d’Etempes, Cinderella.

Related Features

“We have followed sustainable farming practices since 1985, but do not subscribe to a certifying organization. We use no artificial chemicals of any kind, at any time,” according to Edwin Munak.