McLellan Botanicals


Aptos, Del Monte, MPC


Orchids including Phalaenopsis, Dendrobium, Cymbidium, Paphiopedium, Oncidium, Ondontoglossum, Cattleya, and Miltonia


McLellan Botanicals

History and Philosophy

Three generations of the McLellan family have participated in the care of plants and flowers. The story begins in 1895 with Edgar McLellan, who ran a dairy and delivered his milk with a horse-drawn cart to customers in San Francisco. To encourage customers who were late in paying their bills to settle their accounts, Edgar started giving them fresh cut flowers from his garden. When his flowers became almost as popular as his milk, he decided to turn his love of plants into a cut-flower business. His son, Rod McLellan, began growing the company’s first orchids and ornamental eucalyptus in 1942. He believed that orchids were plants everyone could enjoy.

McLellan Botanicals is now one of the world’s largest commercial growers and suppliers of orchids and ornamental foliage. Every year, the company’s orchid breeders select for propagation the plants with the largest blooms, the most desirable colors and the hardiest foliage, which results in the high quality plants with stunning and exotic blooms you see at the Aptos, MPC, and Del Monte Farmers Markets.

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