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Air plants, air-filtering plants and good-luck plants.


Coastal Paradise Nursery
Pat Umamoto
50 Zabala Road
Salinas, CA 93908
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P.O. Box 2384
Salinas, CA 93902
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History and Philosophy

Coastal Paradise Nursery specializes in indoor plants and offers three main varieties: air plants, air-filtering plants and good-luck plants.  Pat has been marketing houseplants for more than 30 years. He started Coastal Paradise Nursery in 2001. He is always looking to establish and improve trends in the nursery industry and is proud to provide a great plant for a great price.

An air plant, also known as tillandsia, does not have an established root structure and does not require any kind of growing medium. The nursery offers very popular and difficult-to-find flowering air plants, which make for unique decorations.

An air-filtering plant is aptly named; these plants help filter the air. Most varieties carried by the nursery are also on the NASA list of best air-filtering houseplants.

Good luck plants, heralded by a number of cultures as providing good luck to those who tend and care for them, include lucky bamboo, money trees and bonsai, all of which are also popular for Feng Shui decor.

The nursery also sells common varieties of drought-tolerant plants including succulents, available in four- and six-inch sizes.

Certification: County of Monterey and California Department of Food and Agriculture.

Soil: Conventional houseplant mixes from local suppliers.

Water Use: Greenhouses are watered by hand as needed.

Workers: Six full-time employees year-round. Employees have been with the nursery for an average of eight years.

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