Pulido Farms


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Dried Blenheim apricots and slab apricots (these extra-ripe and sweet dried apricots are hand-cut, and when placed on a tray to dry, they lose their shape and “slab” out on the tray.) Also, dried apricots dipped in different kinds of chocolate: dark, white and milk chocolate. Gift baskets with dried apricots and chocolate-dipped dried apricots for various seasons and holidays, and gift baskets for every occasion year-round.


Pulido Farms
John and Mark Pulido (father & son), owners
1281 Spring Grove Road
Hollister, CA 95023
Facebook: Pulido Farms

History and Philosophy

Pulido Farms is a family business that was established in 1957 by Martin Pulido, John’s father. The Pulidos’ large extended family grows Blenheim apricots on 30 acres under the sunny skies of Hollister.

The business began as a wholesale operation, but Pulido Farms added farmers markets to their schedule in 2010. Their wholesale operations still continue to this day. Old school techniques are used in every step — no machinery is used to cut, sort or dry the apricots. The apricots are laid out on wooden trays and dried in the sun. Due to customer demand, Pulido Farms will be drying unsulfured apricots for the first time in 2011.

Apricot trees take about seven years to produce at full volume. The ripe fruit must be picked during a short window of a few weeks, typically between the end of June and the middle of July. Fresh fruit has a shelf life of only a few days.

Related Features

Gift baskets are available with dried apricots and chocolate-dipped dried apricots for special occasions and holidays year round.