William R.P. Welch a.k.a. Bill the Bulb Baron


Aptos, Monterey (November – April)


Narcissus bulbs and amaryllis cut flowers.


William R.P. Welch
1031 Cayuga Street
Santa Cruz, CA 95062

History and Philosophy

Bill Welch has been growing and hybridizing narcissus bulbs and amaryllis his entire life. He has successfully made thousands of pollinations of his Tazetta Narcissus, collected the seed, and raised hybrid bulbs. The bulbs take up to seven years to grow from seed, so as you can imagine, this is a lifetime commitment.

Bill has bred and named several new varieties, including Avalanche of Gold, Sugar Cups, New Glory and Liquid Sun. He grows all of his bulbs organically and you can witness it all by visiting his Carmel Ranch, or driving by his Moss Landing growing grounds. But why go out of your way when you can buy his bulbs and a bunch of his beautiful and fragrant narcissus at the Aptos and Monterey Farmers Markets!

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