Three Americas, Inc.




Gourmet organic, fair-trade, shade-grown coffee from Central and South America and Ethiopia available either freshly brewed by the cup or bagged by the pound as whole beans; teas and fruit juices; hot chocolate and bottled water.   


Three Americas, Inc.
Lois Muhly, Joe Hufson, Danny Lynch, Zachary Wolinsky
PO Box 711
Santa Cruz, CA 95061
Phone: (831) 426-2798

History and Philosophy

Three Americas is a nonprofit, public-benefit corporation. Its purpose is to provide an educational and action organization that serves as a catalyst to link the people of the Americas through cooperative projects supporting social, environmental and economic justice. Its belief is that this community has the capability of using its human resources to make positive changes in the world and is doing so in many ways.

Certifications: 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization; Ometepe and Pancasan coffees are certified organic.

Farmland: Coffee farms are located on Ometepe Island in Lake Nicaragua, Department of Rivas, Nicaragua; in vicinity of Mt. Pancasan, Department of Matagalpa, Nicaragua; and various farms in other Central American countries, Peru, Brazil and Ethiopia.

Related Features

This is the booth most customers and vendors head to first for a warm cuppa Joe early  Saturday mornings. You’ll find “the coffee people” on the lower level of the market near the end.