M. Tashiro Nursery Inc.


Aptos, Carmel, Del Monte, and Monterey


Cut flowers: Carnation, miniature carnation, gipsy, alstroemeria, Ming fern, tuberose, leather leaf, Matsumoto aster, gypsophila, stock, roses, Asiatic lilies, Oriental lilies, springeri, snapdragon, curly willow, freesia, gladiolas, misty statice, Emile statice, Sinuata statice, eucalyptus, sunflowers, delphinium, iris, tulips, chrysanthemums, liatris, gerberas, sweet pea, kale; also mixed bouquets and arrangements.


M. Tashiro Nursery Inc.
Jim Tashiro
20200 Spence Road
Salinas, CA 93908

History and Philosophy

People may be very surprised to learn that tulips grown by Tashiro Nursery are not grown in soil. The tulip bulbs that are imported from Holland sit comfortably in about one and half inches of water in a tray designed for this purpose. This special cultivation requires no pesticides. After 45 to 60 days in the water, the flower is ready to go to market. Customers value the tulips for how long they maintain their beauty.

Jim’s father, Morinaga, started the business in 1971. He began with carnations but due to competition from Columbia, he was forced to grow other varieties of flowers. After graduation from UC Berkeley with a Political Science and Economics major in 1983, Jim decided to help his parents. Soon after Jim joined the business, they established a shipping company called California Flower Exchange. The flower exchange has allowed Tashiro Nursery to ship not only their flowers, but also some of the neighbors’ flowers.

In 1986, Jim’s sister Julia returned to help with the business and she opened a florist shop called Seaside Florist in Seaside, CA. In 1987, Jim and Julia’s brother John decided to get involved and it was decided that he would open a wholesale florist business in Southern CA. His operation, West Coast Flower Exchange, sells 35% of the product grown at Tashiro Nursery. The majority of the nursery’s flowers are marketed in California.

In 1978, Tashiro Nursery started participating in the Monterey Bay Certified Farmers Markets, beginning with Salinas. Later they expanded to Monterey, Carmel and Aptos. To further expand the business to other parts of the US, in 2003 Tashiro Nursery joined a shipping company called Pacific Growers with two other growers in Salinas. This partnership enables the nursery to better market their products throughout the US.

Farmland: 285,000 sq ft greenhouse and 1 acre field production at 20200 Spence Road, Salinas.

Soil: Many of our products are grown in crates with a customized soil. Others are grown in fill soil which is always steam-sterilized before we plant.

Weed Control: Hand, chemical and mechanical cultivation.

Pest Management: Pest populations are carefully monitored. We use both chemical and beneficial organisms to control insects and diseases.

Water Use: Drip irrigation.

Workers: 7 full time employees in addition to Jim Tashiro and his parents.

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“Growing flowers is like raising children. You have to feed them, take care of them, and help them grow.” — Morinaga Tashiro