New Natives Organic Sprouts


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Eight varieties of organic microgreens and several mixes, using only organically grown non-GMO seeds for all products. Find exotic mushrooms (oysters, shitake) from Ortiz Mushroom Farm at Ken and Sandra’s booth too.


New Natives Organic Sprouts
Ken Kimes and Sandra Ward
PO Box 1413
Freedom, CA 95019
Facebook: NewNativesNursery

History and Philosophy

Since 1980, Ken and Sandra have been growing organic microgreens, a “super-food” that comes in many textures and flavors. Microgreens are plants between seven and ten days old that have sprouted from seed, but don’t yet have true leaves. Despite their small size, ounce for ounce, microgreens provide more nutrients than any other natural food. They are delicious in salads and sandwiches.

New Natives received their organic certification from CCOF in 1983. The farm, nestled in a valley on 5-acres off Hames Road in Corralitos, uses only certified organic seed. Sandra and Ken have developed partnerships with organic farmers to grow seeds for them for sprouting. Through these partnerships New Natives is helping other small family farmers to prosper.

Sunflower Greens is New Native’s most popular product. They supply microgreens to many area natural foods stores, juice bars and restaurants. Their farm produces several other microgreens including, arugula, broccoli, cilantro, daikon radish, pea shoots, wheatgrass, buckwheat lettuce, and a mixed variety of lentils and beans. At the farmers market, you can choose among several interesting mixes of tasty greens.

Workers: 8 full-time, year round employees.

Certifications: Organic certified by CCOF

Professional Memberships: CAFF (Community Alliance with Family Farmers), International Sprout Growers Association.

Farmland: 1/4 acre of intensely farmed greenhouse in Corralitos

Soil: We make our own soil, a potting soil and compost mixture with no animal manure.

Weed Control: No weeds.

Pest Management: Non toxic, organic materials only, but really almost no pests.

Water Use: We use tested well water from our property and micro-sprinklers.

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