La Marea of the Sea


Aptos and Monterey


Fresh oysters, clams, mussels; fresh ceviche or shrimp tostadas served with an incredible salsa fresca!


La Marea of the Sea
Rudy and Maria Figueroa
109 Sycamore Drive, Unit 708
Santa Cruz, CA

History and Philosophy

La Marea of the Sea is a family run business. You’ll find Rudy at the Monterey farmers market at MPC on Fridays. Maria, his wife, and one or two of their lovely daughters, work at the Saturday Aptos Farmers Market at Cabrillo College.

La Marea of the Sea offers three varieties of oysters at our Monterey and Aptos Markets: Myagi, Shigoku and Kumamoto oysters. Each type of oyster has nuances that reflect the water, climate and nutrients of the region in which they are raised.

  • Myagi, also known as Pacific oysters, are plump, medium sized oysters that have a firm consistency and a slightly salty but mild flavor with a hint of minerals and smoke.
  • Shigoku are small oysters with a deep shell and a flavor described by Rowan Jacobosen (author of The Oyster Guide) as “a light, clean taste of cucumber and salt, with a finish of water chestnut and Jerusalem artichoke.”
  • Kumamoto, originally from Japan, are related to the Shigoku oyster, are also small oysters. Mildly fruity and sweet with a slightly mineral finish and a rich buttery texture, Kumamoto oysters are the perfect oysters for beginners.

In addition, La Marea offers freshly prepared ceviche tostadas, shrimp tostadas, and an oyster bar of freshly shucked oysters on the half shell and a full complement of toppings including piquant hot sauces, cocktail sauce, horseradish and limes. “To go” containers are available. Soda and water are also available to accompany these tasty treats.

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