Jurevich Farm


Aptos and Monterey — (June – July)


Fresh cherries — Bing, Royal Ann, Queen Anne, Rainier and other pollinators for Bing; dried cherries — Bing; and fresh and dried apricots — Blenheim.


Jurevich Farm
Bill and Debbie Jurevich
2017 Bolsa Road
Hollister, CA 95023

History and Philosophy

A native of Yugoslavia, Miho “Mike” Jurevich came to the U.S. at the age of 19 in 1919. After Ellis Island, he headed to California and then worked on a fishing boat in Alaska, earning enough money to buy farmland in Cupertino and Santa Clara. He grew apricots, prunes, pears and cherries before relocating his business to Hollister in 1959.

The Hollister location of the farm was founded in the 1850s. It changed hands a number of times before Mike bought the land in 1959. Three generations of the Jurevich family have farmed the land over five decades — Mike, his son Bill and his grandson, also named Bill, whose wife Debbie helps with farmers market sales. Approximately 20 acres are dedicated to cherries; four to apricots.

In 1984, the family farm joined the MBCFM, an organization of which the elder Bill was once president. The ratio of wholesale sales to farmers market sales is estimated to be 50-50. On average, Jurevich Farm is at the MBCFM for six to eight weeks a year.

Related Features

Slated to return to market the first week of June, Jurevich Farm has been a longtime member of the MBCFM, joining the organization in 1984. A wholesale operation as well, the farm brings fresh and dried cherries and apricots to the Monterey and Aptos markets for about seven weeks each year.