H & H Fresh Fish Company


Aptos, Monterey


Local Monterey Bay catches:
California Halibut
Sablefish (a.k.a. Black Cod or Butter Cod)
White Seabass
Sand Dabs
Thresher and Soupfin Shark
Ling Cod
Rock Fish
Dungeness Crab
Albacore Tuna
Swordfish (CA)

Sustainable Exotic catches:
Sashimi-grade Ahi (Yellowfin) Tuna
Ono (a.k.a. Wahoo)
Sashimi-grade California Yellowtail (Hamachi)

Sustainable Alaskan catches:
Salmon (all species)
Spot prawns

American-caught sustainable catches:
Gulf prawns

Sustainably-raised Aquaculture:


H & H Fresh Fish Company
Hans Haveman
493 Lake Avenue, Suite A
Santa Cruz,CA 95062
Facebook: hhfreshfishco
Instagram: hhfreshfish

History and Philosophy

H & H Fresh Fish Company adheres to sustainably-harvested fishing practices and pride themselves on their commitment to the environment, the community, and their customers’ satisfaction. Hans has been involved with fishing and the ocean his entire life, and he comes from a long line (excuse the pun) of fishermen and women. He has worked on commercial fishing boats around the world, and also enjoys skin diving, spear fishing, and sport fishing. In order to make his passion his career, he started H & H Fresh Fish Company with his fishing partner and love of his life, Heidi Rhodes.

H & H Fresh Fish Company offers many types of fish including Alaskan salmon, but they are most proud of the Monterey Bay specialties such as black cod, halibut, and white sea bass. Much of the fish they sell is caught by other local Santa Cruz fishermen, but when making their selection, Hans and Heidi take the time to research where the fish was caught and by what method. When you buy from H & H you are supporting not only their family, but those of numerous fishermen here in the Santa Cruz County, many of which Hans has known since childhood.

Hans’ fishing experience naturally led him to cooking; he has had the opportunity to work in five star restaurants, once alongside Executive Chef Wolfgang Puck. Hans has a vast knowledge of fishing and cooking and is always happy to share cooking tips and suggestions. Notably, H & H have made a commitment to help reduce plastic bag use and provide a biodegradable bag that incurs an extra cost to them, but not their customers.

So head on down to our Aptos and Monterey markets and walk away with a fresh piece of fish you can feel good about!

Related Features

H & H Fresh Fish Company is happy to provide customers with special orders such as whole fish or whole side fillets with advance notice. Also, Hans can whip up large amounts of ceviche or poke for parties. Just give him a call at (831) 461-1576.