Cortez Farms B


Aptos, Monterey, Carmel


Strawberries and blueberries year round, raspberries from May through November, blackberries from June through March.

Other produce includes celery, cilantro, lettuce, onions, crystal onions, leeks, carrots, cabbage, squash, broccoli, beets, cauliflower and tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers (Bell, jalapenos, and Pasilla), spinach, squash (crookneck, goldzini, summer, sunburst and Lebanese).


Cortez Farms B
Benny Cortez, owner
521 E. Cook Road
Santa Maria, CA 93454

History and Philosophy

The B in “Cortez Farms B” is to distinguish Benny’s farm from his brother’s farm that is named Cortez Farms. Benny has been farming most of his life and he comes from a family of farmers. With the help of 15 employees, Benny works 14 acres of land adjacent to his brother’s farm, Cortez B, and his sister’s farm, Mi Ranchito. Strawberries are Benny’s biggest crop. Pesticides are not used on the farm.

The farm began participating in Monterey Bay Farmers Markets in 1987. Benny’s wife took vegetables to the Aptos Farmers Market while Benny participated in a large growers’ cooperative that sold produce to brokers. Soon after, Benny switched his focus to raising produce for farmers markets and they joined the markets in Monterey and Carmel. In addition to attending the Monterey Bay Farmers Markets, Cortez Farms B sells produce at five additional seasonal markets each week throughout the Central Coast.

Related Features

“What I like best about growing food for sale at the farmers markets is working outdoors, and the freedom that comes with working for myself. I am a merchant at heart,” says Benny Cortez.