Beckmann’s Old World Bakery


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Bread, pies, cookies, pastries and a selection of baked goods.


Beckmann’s Old World Bakery, Ltd.
Peter Beckmann, Beth Holland and Sharon May
104 Bronson St., #6
Santa Cruz, CA 95062
831-423-9242 x 36
831-818-0201 (Scot Adam)
Facebook @beckmannsoldworldbakery
Instagram @beckmannsoldworldbakery

History and Philosophy

Established in November 1985, the bakery was started by Peter Beckmann, who rode his bicycle around Santa Cruz and sold his bread out of the basket to local grocery stores. A native of Germany, Beckmann learned his craft by apprenticing in bread-making at Mantei Bakery in Heidelberg. After moving to the U.S. in 1982, Beckmann longed for the traditional breads of Germany and began baking farm bread in his kitchen’s oven.

The bakery’s products contain no chemical additives or GMOs. All products have been baked within 24 hours of arriving at market. With 110 employees and a more than 25,000-square-foot facility, the bakery is primarily a wholesale operation with approximately 20 percent of its sales coming from farmers markets. Even so, Beckmann’s Old World Bakery participates in 30 to 45 different farmers markets in any given week with up to 25 “marketeers” behind the table offering samples and selling product. Customers may ask for a sample of any product on a farmers market table. Satisfaction is guaranteed.

Breads: a variety of sliced sourdoughs, organic, cheesy, white, whole wheat, whole grain loaves and German farm bread, which is the original flagship loaf of bread for the bakery. Other breads include home-bake baguettes and rolls, personal focaccia pizza breads, cheese twists and cinnamon whole-grain loaves.

Pies: olallieberry, apple, cherry, strawberry-rhubarb and strawberry-ollalieberry; seasonal pies include pumpkin and rum-laced pecan. Nine-inch and six-inch pies are available. Featuring a butter crust, all pies have been fully baked, but instructions are included with each pie on how to bake from both frozen and room temperature. The bakery won two national championships for its pies.

Cookies and pastries: a wide selection of cookies including the best-selling tropical snickerdoodle, which includes dried papaya, pineapple and coconut. Exclusive to farmers markets, the bakery’s pastries include cinnamon rolls, fruit turnovers, traditional apple strudel, chocolate croissants, schnecken and the best-selling Grizzly bear claw, an all-natural almond croissant.

Baked goods: lemon-currant scones, pumpkin bread, banana bread and granola.

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Want to see how bread is made? To schedule a tour for a school or organization please call Beckmann’s office at 831-423-9242. Tour days are Mondays and Wednesdays.