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Fresh (during season) and dried Blenheim apricots. Savory specialties include Apricot Red Pepper Topping, Apricot Chutney and Chili Preserves. The sweet line includes Dried Apricot Preserves, no sugar added Cinnamon Spread, Apricot Topping, and Chocolate Treasures (dark and milk chocolate covered apricots).


B & R Farms, LLC
Jim and Mari Rossi, owners
5280 Fairview Road
Hollister, CA 95023

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History and Philosophy

Since B & R Farms began in San Benito County, five generations have worked on the farm. The late matriarch, Elsie Rossi, started cutting apricots when she was 5 years old at her grandfather’s ranch next to the Winchester Mystery House in San Jose, CA. The family started farming in Hollister, California in 1929, where the soil and climate is perfect for the delicate and flavorful Blenheim apricot.  Elsie and her husband Emil assumed management of the farm for her parents.

Elsie’s son, Jim and his wife Mari, now run the business full time with their three sons staying involved in the family business. Their Blenheim Apricots are grown, processed and packaged at the farm.

Delicious Products Made with Dried Apricots: While the 100+ acres of Blenheim apricot trees are tended, B & R Farms is open for wholesale and retail customers year round. The midsummer harvest makes this farm buzz with the daily activities of picking, processing, drying and packing the years crop. They produce several grades of dried apricots along with a delicious variety of savory and sweet preserves, toppings, chutney and cinnamon spread, all made from time-tested family recipes. These products are made from DRIED Blenheim apricots (not fresh, as some others do), which results in a fabulous, intense apricot flavor hard to find anywhere else.

B & R Farms’ motto is, “We Dry Our Best!

Pest Management: B & R Farms is a conventional grower.

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B & R Farms also offers a wide selection of specialty gift baskets that are filled with Dried Blenheim Apricots, Preserves, Chutney, Toppings, Chocolate Covered Apricots and more that can be ordered online.