Seafood at the Markets

We offer the finest local and sustainable seafood.

All four of our farmers markets are in close proximity to the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary, a national treasure and home to a diverse population of fish. Our seafood vendors bring us the freshest, highest quality fish available anywhere. All of their catches are sustainable, and some are offered as fresh, ready to eat seafood dishes such as ceviche. You can always depend on our fishmongers to bring you seafood your whole family will enjoy.

Featured Vendor

H & H Fresh Fish Company offers Monterey Bay specialties such as King Salmon, black cod, halibut, and white sea bass. Much of the fish they sell is caught by local Santa Cruz fishermen.


Market Highlight

There are five types of oysters commonly sold here in California, most if not all of them raised in an aquaculture setting — Miyagis, Kumamoto, French Belon and Olympia.

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Seafood Recipes

Fried calamari is a local seaside favorite and simple to make! Squid is at the height of its season during the summer months and very economical. Be sure to serve it with some homemade garlic aioli!

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Farmers Who Offer Seafood at the Market

H & H Fresh Fish Company

fish, crab, ceviche

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La Marea of the Sea

oysters, seafood tostadas

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