Veggie Starts Arrive at Farmers Markets

Veggie Starts Arrive at Farmers Markets in March

What better way to welcome spring than to plant a garden! Our “plant people” will be back at the farmers market this month with a wide selection of organic vegetable and herb starts, ready to be planted in your garden.

Upstarts Organic Seedlings, owned by Sarah and Basil Machado, offers varieties of plants that are either heirloom or hybrid and are selected for their flavor and high quality. Consideration of the local growing conditions, as well as the vigor and disease resistance of the seedlings — often called starter plants, also play a part in their selection. The Machados keep an eye out for trends in both the nursery and culinary industries and add new plant varieties accordingly, enjoying opportunities to bring hard-to-find plants to the farmers market.

Their herb selection includes oregano, holy basil, African blue basil, several varieties of rosemary, chervil, sweet marjoram, shiso, tarragon, thyme, sage, chives, parsley (both curly and Italian), lemongrass, and mint (available in containers).

Organic vegetable starts tomatoes, lettuce, heirloom squash (Tromboncino and Costata Romanesco), cucumbers (Persian, lemon and English), dinosaur kale, rainbow chard, arugula, mizuna, spinach, eggplant, onions, and a broad selection of peppers.

Upstarts Organic Seedlings website offers helpful garden guides for many of their plants as well as gardening tips.

Cole Canyon Farm is an organic nursery starting vegetable and herb seedlings for the home gardener. They use organic and heirloom seeds when available and hybrids that are proven in our local gardens. For gardeners with limited space, Cole Canyon Farm offers selections that do well in containers and pre-planted Patio Bowls of herbs including their Tiny Thyme Bowl, Mint Medley and Herbes de Provence.

Cole Canyon Farm is committed to year-round gardening on the Central Coast as a means of growing high quality, healthy, seasonal foods and herbs. The plants you find on their market table are ready to go into the garden whatever the season; strawberries in winter, vigorous greens in early spring, tomatoes and peppers in summer, and hardy vegetables, garlic and onions for autumn planting.

Vegetable starts including heirloom tomatoes, peppers, lettuce and squash. Their herb selection includes all the basic culinary herbs as well as unique items like Holy Basil, Vietnamese Coriander. Patio Bowls are available most of the year planted with perennial and annual herbs.