How to Grow A Straw Bale Garden Demo

Straw Bale Gardening Demonstration

Want to learn how to grow fabulous homegrown tomatoes, veggies, and melons in your summer garden? Nadine Frush, a frequent farmers market shopper and gardener extraordinaire, will be giving a short seminar about how to grow a high-yielding garden with “monster” results using straw bales at the Aptos Farmers Market, Saturday, April 23 at 10 a.m.

SB-Garden-1Straw bale gardening is a popular form of container gardening that uses bales of straw as the ‘containers.’ According to Nadine, “Straw bale gardening allows people to get a maximum return on their home garden production and say goodbye to hours of soil preparation, weeding, over-watering, bending, and garden-chomping critters!”

“With straw bale gardens, you don’t have to worry about having great soil. You can set up the bales in your backyard or on your deck — or even on a cement patio. And, there’s no additional expense to buy large containers. The bales are the container and the soil. And when the season is over, you will have the best compost ever for next year’s garden.”

Preparing a straw bale garden requires ‘conditioning’ the bales for a few weeks before bales can be planted. This essential step is accomplished, in part, by adding nitrogen that accelerates decomposition of the bale.

Nadine explained, “The conditioning process creates an optimum, nutrient-rich rooting environment that is moist and warm for seedlings. This is the perfect time of year to start your straw bale garden. There’s also a wide selection of vegetable and herb seedlings available from Upstarts Organic Seedlings and Cole Canyon Farm at the Aptos Farmers Market to give your garden a head start.”

Please join us at the Aptos Farmers Market on Saturday, April 23 at 10 a.m. for Nadine’s Straw Bale Gardening demonstration. Seating is limited, so please arrive early. For more information about Nadine’s upcoming straw bale seminars, please visit her website.